Tuesday, 16 August 2016

It's been a wonderful summer...

It's been a wonderful summer at Radley. We've had excursions to London museums, theatres, and the major sites including Big Ben. The students have also visited Cadbury World, Thorpe Park, Oxford and Bath. The academic programme explored a wide range of skills and techniques including Ielts exam prep, computer programming, Shakespearean drama and, of course, the Radley musical. 
We are proud to say that over 25% of our students sat and passed the Trinity spoken English exams, too. Well done all who took part. 

So, after a summer packed full of sports, games, zombies, drummers, circus skills, pool parties and huge fun, it's time to say thanks to everyone and hope we get to see you all again next year, 2017.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Workshop presentations - Radley TV

The junior Radley TV team absolutely blew it away with their presentation this week. Including a live newscast and a coordinated group dance!

Workshop presentations - creative photography

What a fantastic group! With just three days this hard-working team of budding photographers were able to put together something quite incredible!

Workshop presentations - junior fashion show!

Last night, we had the pleasure of witnessing a bombastic fashion explosion from the junior fashion workshop team!

Musical presentation - a marvellous performance!

Great work from this fabulous group of musicians!

Final workshop presentation videos - Shadow Puppets

Well folks... that's a wrap for 2016. Work shop presentations in the final week took things to a whole new level. We'll be posting the videos from this wonderful show throughout the day.

Thanks for watching!!!!

Shadow puppets


Our final dinner together became something special with a Flashmob dance performed by a somewhat unexpected group of zombies: Thanks to Yazzi for all her invention and ideas.

Workshop Presentations

Here are some highlights from today's workshop presentations. It turned out to be a real show and our thanks go to all involved. Well done everyone.